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Inner Beauty

I remember where you brought me from,  Lord I thank you for where I am today,  I see you doing a new thing in my life, Lord I thank you for the future I see🎶
It's been awesome having walked with God for the past 6 years. The journey has been excellent and I know He hasn't finished with me yet. I surrendered my life to Christ when I was 20. And what that meant was that the formative years of my life were almost over. I thought I had picked up a personality and a way of life that would mold me into the future but Mercy said "No". I'd go on to share an aspect.
Prior to knowing Christ, I fussed a lot about my looks. On getting to know Him, I still did continue on this path but He (The Lord) began to point at how I dressed, and how I idolized my hair. I was keen on doing whatever it was to make the Lord, my Master happy.
So, whatever I felt was the way forward in pleasing Him, I quickly embraced it.  I gained a great measure of help but I also tilted towards another extreme…
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Day 338
I'm Currently doing Internal Medicine Rotation and I bless God's name today for the gift of life, salvation, strength and resilience to carry on with my mission here on earth. The past couple of weeks had me praying for renewal of strength and zeal, because I actually came to the end of me as a House Officer. I felt drained by the first 3 postings, I felt Internal Medicine was only going to get the crumbs left of me as the other Rotations already took bigger bites off me. So I had to pray repeatedly for God to give me zeal and passion to work so that I can be at my best for my patients. What made the situation worse was the fact that Internal Medicine was one of my worst Postings back in Med School. After asking God for help severally, I think I forgot to keep on asking but He answered anyway. As the days went by, I felt alive again and found zeal to work with. 
Days into the posting, I became really sick. I hadn't been that sick in 19 years, I battled it, it wasn…

Growing Up

Hey, it's been a while I wrote. I just picked up my screen to practice 😆. What do I hope to achieve? Let's see if I'd make any sense.

Growing up, I had a lot of teachers give me responsibilities to handle even though I wasn't the Class Monitor or Prefect. Somehow, these 'out of office roles' always found me and I guess they probably shaped me. I also battled low self-esteem and shyness.
I've always been a shy and quiet girl in the midst of unfamiliar grounds (timidity maybe), and this made my teachers not to notice me. As early as Nursery and Senior Kindergarten days, teachers would always pick their Prefects from huge physique and outspokenness of which I possessed none. But by middle of  each session, roles got swapped to an extent. They'd finally notice me, probably because the excellence I exuded was always top notch and couldn't compare to the official role bearers. If the teachers needed someone to send to get things done, they'd call on me…

Medicine and Faith

Day 53When on Labour Ward Calls, I normally sleep on the seat in order not to miss anything happening, until my second has had some sleep (on calm nights though). On this day, I was so drowsy and the seat wasn’t very comfy. I kept nodding off and the sweet nurses were like; Doc, go to your call room, we’ll call you when there’s something.
As I was about leaving, a lady walked in. Sleep ruined, but here's a quick history: It was the 1st pregnancy and she was only 4cm open. Viola!👌I can have some minutes in bed before she progresses.
At about 2am, He tapped me. “Go and check up on that lady," was impressed in my heart and as such, I could not resist it. I dragged myself to the Labour Ward and took a detailed history. There was another woman that arrived in my absence. I took her history too and was to call my chiefs for further review. All along, I was thinking, God please show me what the lesson is. I know you didn’t wake me up 'unnecessarily.' I mean, there’s no emergen…

Asking For More

Day 273 
I'm currently on my one week leave, we usually take one week leave in between each three months of rotation in the four departments. This leave is my last week in Surgery Department. There's nothing much to write about😁, but just to inform you guys that I'm enjoying my peeps here at home. I'm getting my hair done now, kid sis and cousin passed by and stopped to say hi. I offer them small chops sold in the shop, kid sis goes like, "how many should we take?" I ask her how many she wants. She says, "I'm taking two." In my mind, I'm like no p. Then cousin adds, "why not make it five to round up the amount to be paid?" I still say nothing. On their way leaving, 😄😄😄😄 cousin demands for her 3 but kid sis is like no, we'll share it two and half. I'm laughing at them here. And it crossed my mind that I can actually dare to try that with God. You see, He's our Father and if I, common man, allowed them to decide the numb…

Final Year Med School Experiences

CHRONICLES OF THE EXITHello lovlies, I made a compilation of some events I  scribbled during the course of my final exams. God taught me that if it weren’t Him leading me, intelligence and self-confidence can fail a man. I thought it wise to share it here so that we’ll remember the ultimate factor that holds our hands as we wade through life’s circumstances. I pray God blesses you through my testimonies.

Today 10/6/19:I wrote my most humbling exam in medical school and it was an Exit Exam! I thought I had Surgery all figured out, but not after today's OSPE. It brings to book my earlier note on relays and not having a clumsy transition. This will probably leave me with the lessons of my life: to forever be dependent on God and bend my head to learn Medicine all I can, as long as I live. phew! 🙂So here's God again teaching me about self confidence, and I still want to argue. Like, “God but I trusted you all the way, I did. I was 'serious' with my revisions. I thought we …

A Christian Senior Female Doctor

Day 13
Thank God for whoever invented crocs. After 25+ hours standing and sitting, I noticed nothing. But when it was time to hit the road, my shoe spelt it out for me: I had dependent ankle swelling. It was difficult to fit into those shoes. Meanwhile, I drew some inspiration watching the ever zealous Dr Omeke do her thing like  it was nothing. Like seriously? 5 emergency CS over the night and she kept her cool and was cheerfully looking for more work. Lord, have mercy and give me passion oiled with vision that I may enjoy my work like never before.
Retyping this day 13 now, I feel He seriously answered that prayer. Na me dey run now.😁 See Day 251.